I’m Ashley, I am a wife, mom of two, and follower of Jesus. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, and my husband was born and raised in beautiful Montana. We both come from hard-working families’ who own small businesses. He is, hands down, the best earthly gift I have ever received. God’s work and will have been evident as He leads our marriage. When we were pregnant with our first little, we moved to Texas. We have made this bright, crazy, busy state our family’s home. We now are in the DFW Metroplex, we run a digital marketing and print company, and are raising these amazing kiddos.

To create a “Greeting Card Line” is not my dream, but to do the will of God in my life definitely is! The Lord knows best, I can confidently say He does what I least expect in every way. In the recent years, there has been a consistent weight on my heart for something special. I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was. Ever have the feeling, moms? My husband helped me process, think through and pray about this ill-defined dream. I felt the Lord was calling me to do something! I didn’t know any details but what I did know was that I was losing sleep and I had zero direction. Nevertheless, God was telling me…”Get ready, I want you to do something for me.” I asked the Lord to ease my heart of this dream or to make it clear. Friends and fellow moms, I am so excited to share that this dream that has blossomed into My Step greeting cards, and it is so amazing to see God provide clarity and passion yet again.

I have truly given my heart to Jesus in the last few years. Along with this surrender, God gave me a strong desire to talk about Him to everyone. I started to tell my husband “If I’m not talking to God, I want to be talking about Him” almost jokingly but also sincerely. If I was to use what was in my hands to serve the Lord, it would be my print company. I’m printing cards!

My desire for these cards is to bring healing and hope to the believer and unbeliever alike! We are all created by the same God and are all walking in brokenness on this side of heaven. These cards are designed and prayed over to provide small joys, and deep Gospel truth to every heart. I hope that, today, God lays someone on your heart and that you can use a My Step card to draw them back to truth, to provide true joy, or to comfort from afar. Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading, and thank you for joining me on this journey. Thank you for joining me on My Step.