Oh Christmas Tree

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Set of 5 Cards for $24.99

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5 reviews for Oh Christmas Tree

  1. Jennifer

    I God bless your ministry! I’m disappointed I can’t afford these…I think it would be great if you all made available a smaller card of the same for that price, but in a quantity of atleast 12. If I bought two packs that would be $50, but at $24 for 5 I can’t justify the cost to my husband who wanted them for family and work. Maybe next year, if he gets a raise or I set the money aside. Blessings. Sorry I can’t buy any! They’re gorgeous.

  2. Debbie Eapindola

    Love, love, love her work!!

  3. Katie


  4. DeNise Tatum

    Absolutely beautiful artwork!

  5. Tricia Powell


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